This is the blog of our 2012 Southern Africa trip (as well as some subsequent trips). We traveled in Mpandangare the Great, an ’02 Landy TD5, kitted out for big distances, self-sufficiency & camping in the bush.

We did a counter-clockwise circle through SA, Mozambique, Zim, Bots and Namibia (blue route on map below). We had to leave out Malawi because of the cyclone (and hence also Zambia – red route). The reroute gave us the unexpected reward of crossing the continent from the warm Indian Ocean (Vilankulos) to the icy Atlantic (Swakopmund). Not quite Cape-to-Cairo, but an amazing feeling nonetheless.

Through our 14,000 kms, we stuck to the California school syllabus (Bea & Mila) and various photographic and graphic projects (Lisa & Ralph) as we made our way.

…and why yebomama? Yebo means “yes” in Zulu, and we were so happy to be back in Mama Africa…

– Bea, Mila, Lisa & Ralph (Cape Town, March 2012)