Mexico 2013

    Summer of 2013 on the west coast of Mexico. Our blog is below.

Sayulita list of fresh memories

Surf Camp – David, Cielo and Risa
Stand-up paddle-boarding to the pier
Jumping off the pier
Surfing at Punta Mita and La Lancha

Fishing off the pier with daddy
Losing Daddy’s hat on the pier

San Pancho swims in the swell
turtle release at sunset
Lime, soda and grenadine drinks

Dying hair red, and then the dye washing out in one day

Spanish lessons with Omar, Nancy y America
Bea’s hot ice-cream

Painting flowers in boxes
Frida Kahlo boxes

Zombie Black bogey and laughing very loudly at midnight
Mila getting chucked at mommy.

Walking to the shops alone

Discovering the short cut to town

Going on the dune buggy and Frank not waiting for us to be on before taking off
Finding turtle eggs with Frank at midnight
Playing with baby turtles

Playing Paper airplanes (Destinations) with Alex

Deciding to start a marble company

Catching pescado – needlefish, mackerel
Not catching snoek

Landslides in the rain to San Sebastian

Fish tacos in the road intersection

Chips with chile and lime
Tostito chips

Best guacamole
Inventing Panlets. (Small pancakes)
Penguin frying pan

Meeting Alex, Jenson and Cleo.

Missing burgers.

Making the Happiness FB page
Egypt and Pakistan going ‘Like’ crazy for happiness

Running to get paddle-boards and paddling into the bay to be with the dolphins.
Having the dolphins all around us.

July 2013: Day-to-day life in Sayulita

Film 03: Day-to-day Sayulita-ing…

July 2013: LiberaciĆ³n de Tortugas

Film 2: LiberaciĆ³n de tortugas

These are Olive Ridley turtles.
Incubation is 45 days.
Average of 97 babies per nest.
1 in 500 survive release.
After release they swim due west for 5 days to hit the northbound current (75kms offshore).
15 years later the survivors will come back and nest on the same beach.
This species has seen something like 80% decline in one generation and like all sea turtles, are a threatened species.

July 2013: Sayulita Mexico

Tenemos suerte de estar pasando el verano en Sayulita Mexico.

Film 1: Nuestra Casa