Film: Lion & Cheetah in the Kalahari

For 2 days in the Kalahari we teamed up with a wonderful Portuguese/Dutch couple to find lion & cheetah in the northern Kalahari. Here’s an edited/composited version of Anna’s rooftop footage.

The Cheetah are all at Letiatua Pan, where we’re over 200km from the closest town. Great to have another vehicle with us. Between us we had the place to ourselves.

The Lion were at Sunday Pan. We’d spotted them at sunrise and Helio and Anna had staked them out all day while we rested in camp (and Bea finally finished her Social Studies) in Deception Valley 30 kms away. The footage shows 5 beautiful, healthy females emerging onto the pan to hunt as the light faded. A huge privilege to be there alone with them. Generations and generations of these wonderful creatures have roamed this veld. Alas, these might be amongst the last…

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