Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Zimbabwe means Stone House. Great Zimbabwe is a ruin of the oldest and biggest city in Southern Africa which was built about a thousand years ago.

The King used to live in the Hill Complex (where the big photo is taken from) and his first and favourite wife lived in the Great Enclosure in the valley below (you can see it small on the right of the big photo). The royal family members used to live in huts outside the walls.

It was really fun to think that people actually used to live in the enclosures. When you were inside the walls, it didn’t really look like it was a ruin at all. We wondered why there weren’t markings and paintings on the stone walls from the people who’d lived there. From up on the hill it looked like a maze of stone walls. There used to be huts everywhere but they’d all been washed away hundreds of years ago.

I can’t believe that we actually stood somewhere where a king had once stood.

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