Lions at Twilight (Ihaha, Botswana)

“Oh my god! Lions!” my mom screamed. Five lionesses were standing on the side of the road, licking each other. Suddenly we saw two more lionesses! We heard a clap of lightning! It was pouring and getting quite dark. We were very excited since there was a herd of impala nearby. We thought the lions were hunting and we’d never seen a kill before.

The lions were sitting under the trees and every now and again glancing at the herd of impala. They started to fan out and we saw two of them out on the grass, but in well hidden positions, and it would been easy for them to run to the impala from there.

The impala were all standing stock still and staring at the place were the lions were. It was still pouring with rain. Standing about 20 meteres in front of a bush, was one male impala. You might think he was very brave, as the lions would have gone for him first -but in fact they would have gone for the herd, as if they’d gone for the one and missed him, the herd would have got away.

There were 5 teenagers and 2 adult lion. Their golden brown coats were soaking and probably dripping (you couldn’t tell since it was raining). We watched them for about an hour every now and then driving round to look at the impala. Finally we went back to the lionesses and too some photos. We got some really good ones!

We left with all seven lionesses sheltering under bushes. It seemed like the rain had stopped them hunting, at least for that night!

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