The Majestic Cafe, est. 1937

Today Bea, Mila and I had our first ever surf lesson at Muizenberg Beach. We loved it and were all standing up in no time, with Ralph zipping around us in his sea kayak filming. Spitting saltwater, we went afterwards for icecreams – Flake ’99s – at the Majestic Cafe. I ate Flake ’99s there as a child (1980’s), as did Ralph’s mom Carol (1960’s).

The girls are wearing the beautiful new kikois we bought yesterday at Greenmarket square, which will I am sure become our uniform for the next 2 months. Bea and Mila are playing crazily well together, all day every day. They have a squadron of invisible friends (over 2000 each, honest engine) who keep them company whilst Ralph and I dash around endlessly preparing for the big trip. There are at least 10 invisible friends eating Flake ’99s in this photo (you can only see them if you believe in them).

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