No Lift for Old Men

I’m liking walking up the 6 flights of stairs to our flat, even when there is electricity for the lift. There are two+ hour scheduled outages almost daily. I asked the security guard who works in the Cinnabar garage today:

When the electricity goes off, do the lifts stop?” Ja. (looks at clock, 11.59am). I wouldn’t go now.

So what if there is someone in the lift when the electricity goes off?” He just starts smiling.

So people just get stuck for hours! Has that happened?” Ja.

Does it happen often?” He is smiling more and more broadly.

Even old people??!!” (Cinnabar is a de facto Jewish old age home).
He bursts out laughing, nodding. So do I.

As I head back to take the stairs, I think of how differently every single aspect of this conversation would have played out in America.

When Phil sells his flat next month, the Jacobson name will be changed on the board after nearly 30 years. : (

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