We went for a goodbye drink with Brian and Zea who have a flat on the tenth floor. Their flat has windows to the south, views around to Cape Point and of the Muizenberg mountains.

Of the mountain side, two observations: South Africa is so gorgeous that that view is barely noticed, even though it is one of the most stunning mountainsides I have ever seen. The lowest part where it meets Main Street is covered in beautiful trees, almost tropical. Muizenberg shul is nestled on the north end.

Second, if you spend a minute admiring the view, you will notice that there are homeless people living amongst the exotic trees.

This is the story whichever way you look. Brian and Zea told us some home truths about Cinnabar. It came to their notice that the staff of Cinnabar live in cell like rooms in the basement. Windowless, and each the same size as a space in the carpark. Children not supposed to live there – but do. Cooking not supposed to happen – but does. Zea tried to rally the residents to do something to improve the conditions, but met with a wall of opposition. I don’t know any details beyond this, for now, but it seems a horrendous thing, period. Perhaps I should organise a screening of Parasite? And what is our place in this parasitic relationship as we watch the sunrise from the 6th floor.

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