Bea driving on the Mgadigadi Pans

Camped at Nata Bird Sanctuary at the Mgadigadi Salt Pans.

The days are punctuated by Ralph saying ‘ow’ as he familiarises himself with the Landcruiser. As per long-standing Lazar family tradition, Bea had her first driving lesson on the Salt Pans, very successful!

Ralph technical note: If the first car you learn to drive is a manual 4.2L diesel Landcruiser (which is really just a fancy tractor), then you can drive anything.

Dust and dry grass and the last of the Trans-continental nits, and wildebeest.

On the way to Hwange we were supposed to stay overnight at Elephant Sands but found it horrible. We cuddled a baby nag-aapie (JAMIE! LOOK!!!) but the place was so formulaic and unsympathetically laid out, and full of people (bah! humbug!). We watched some elephants in a watering hole with big willies, poo and wee. “I’ve never seen a willy scratch its underbelly before“. (Ralph).