The essentials

From top, left to right and little clusters:
Sketch book, nice pen, Olive oil, toilet paper, binoculars, notepad, zip-lock bags
Real camera, workman’s gloves, clothes’ pegs (a luxury really), matches, go-pro, cable-ties (controversial)
tupperware, Leatherman, cards, lap pie, glasses, head-torch, bird book, salt, vinegar, USB multiple adaptor, tie-down
Map, toothbrush, nappy-rash cream, sharpie, scissors (pair of), anti-histamine, Ibuprofen, Swimmers’ ear drops, face sun cream, waterproof body sun lotion, onion, lemon, garlic, chopped garlic in oil, tin tomatoes, kikoi, mask, tape

Missing from photo: chocolate, Ralph’s reading glasses, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (shampoo, soap, dishwasher, clothes washer), lip balm, nail clippers, Coffee filter made from tearing up Ralph’s unworn boxer shorts, LOTS of books

What we wish we’d had: a good spotlight

What we always take but never use: Southern hemisphere star constellation map

Who knew?: We did use the laser pointer to play with Beala, the Pomene Lodge kitten.

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