Three culinary delights

1. Biltong
We’d planned on zooming through the harsh South African town of Messina, where there are roadside signs as you enter saying “Don’t stop, criminals are in operation here“.

But finding biltong on these trips can be harder than finding lions, and so when we caught sight of a Biltong Shop on the far end of town… Suffice it to say it was AMAZING! (Mila the vegetarian munched on red peppers and Top Deck chocolate.)

2. Caterpillars
We went for supper in our Livingstone campground/hotel. Bea had spotted that local Roasted Caterpillars were on the menu earlier in the day and was genuinely disappointed when they were not available to order (1 day’s notice required).

3. Apples
At the border entering South Africa from Botswana, we were going through the usual customs/car checks. The police told us we weren’t allowed to take fruit through and ordered us to remove any from our car. As these burly policemen were instructing Ralph and I, we heard Mila’s little voice from in the car (she loves apples) “But…wait….apples!”
“Mila! These are… THE… POLICE!!”

We all laughed, especially the police, and then we all spent a little while eating up all the apples!

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