Creepy crawling up the dunes

We were climbing up the most difficult bit of the sand dune and mom and dad were already at a section just above us. Mom said that it was flat up there, and there was actually hard sand. We were all really excited. Mom said: “If I had a table cloth, I would lay it here!” Dad said, “If I had tephillin I would lay them here” and then I said “If you had eggs, would you lay them here?”

On the side of the dunes that we weren’t walking on, it wasn’t shady so all the tracks of the litle bugs and lizards were visable. The tracks looked like a map, they looked like roads. I was walking down the sand dune and then I noticed I’d stepped on something so I turned around and there was a really beautiful coloured lizard. Its head was orange and its body was green. It looked really dead and I thought it was dead, because I had just stepped on it and it doidn’t move. So I walked up to it and tapped it with my toe. It wriggled all the way to the bottom of the dune (a long way) in half a second!

Its tracks were different every time it stepped, because the sand that the lizard kicked up, covered some of its tracks – but its tail markings were always the same. They were a wavy line, like a zig zag except the lines were soft not pointy.

Right at the top Bea and I found a little bug and put it in Bea’s yellow hat. The bug was a circular shape with yellow and black squiggles, about the size of a small pea. It had two long legs at the back and two small legs at the front. I think its front legs pulled its back legs as the footprints were just two long lines on either side. We found three bugs. We put them on the ground and scooped them up with a bit of sand and held them in our hands. The scurried around for a bit and then they dug the top of their heads into the sand and went down into it. When they reached our hands it really tickled!

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  1. Team Griffin says:

    Hi Mila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We loved watching the videos of you and your family running down the sand dunes and learning about the bugs and lizard. And what a terrific photo of the full moon!

    We are just now learning about the Miwoks. We finally finished our baskets. Don’t worry Carol made one for you.

    Was it fun running down the sand dunes? We have so many questions for you we can’t to see you!

    We will log on again on Friday.
    Team Griffin

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