Dani’s Trout Farm

We discovered the source of Dani’s magic when we stayed at her family’s trout farm near Machadodorp.

Time stood still for us at the farm – we loved it – we recharged and managed to have our first proper school day on the front stoep and went for an amazing swim in a river pool.

Somehow it was perfect even though I put Dani’s mom’s key on THE WRONG KEYRING in Cape Town, so no keys when we arrived in the DARK, and the other doors where locked anyway and the neighbour GAVIN was not in his house but we bumped into RICHARD who went to SLAAIHOEK to get LENA to open for us. Then we entered the wonderful house which we totally LOVED. And then we ran out of water but it was fine as we had water in the Landy and a river to bath in….


  1. Natalie Barnett says:

    Wow guys!!!! What an awesome blog. What an awesome trip. What awesome people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every minute and I’ll just have to vicariously live my life-long dream through you all. Thank you.xxNatalie

  2. Stephen and Naomi says:

    So glad you made it to the farm, but SO sorry you ran out of water!! must be the pump which we will have to get fixed (in time for your next visit). Also, sorry Lena or Gavin hadn’t opened the inside doors if they knew you were coming……..
    but glad you liked the house, and the river. did you catch any fish? Have a wonderful trip and look forward to seeing you again. lots of love s and n xxxxxxxxxx

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