Film: Road to Pomene at High Tide

Mpandangare’s first water-over-the-bonnet adventure as we made our way to wonderful Pomene peninsular at high tide, only to find it had been evacuated due to the cyclone. True to the rules of seamanship, lodge managers Neville and Wendy remained and welcomed us nonetheless with open arms. We were made to feel at home despite 35+ knots of wind and a lodge with all hatches battoned (sp?) down. 2 amazing days with them in this pristine place, despite a lot of deep water…

We don’t have an air intake snorkle so the trick is to go fast enough not to get stuck, but slow enough to create a bow-wave so the air intake (which is on the side) doesn’t flood. Robert-Jay and HMV Red Rock III eat your heart out, Mpandangare too can sail…

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  1. Charmian says:

    Devin says that this video reminded him of the camping trip we took with you!
    Really amazing stuff, thanks for much for sharing!

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