Mainly meerkats

On Night 2 we ended up camping at Finchley Farm in Willowmore, another unexpected Karoo oasis. The heat was still oppressive at 6pm, so we cooled off in the lovely little stone swimming pool. The farm owner, Joanne, kept two rescued meerkats…aw cute. They rooted for worms between our toes (not impossible even at this early stage of the journey).

Bea held Flower, Mila held Mishkin, and suddenly Mila was howling, as Flower lunged forward and bit her arm. We sterilised the cut and checked whether rabies was any kind of concern, which it wasn’t. Whilst we marveled at Mila’s wound, four impressive puncture marks, Bea admitted to being “a little bit jealous”. (smile)

The next morning the girls weren’t allowed to play with the meerkats, but Ralph played with them with a kikoi, just as he had done 5 years ago with some Kalahari white lion cubs. That time Mila had cried (a family legend), this time she laughed!


  1. Rui says:

    Lovely little creature!

  2. ollie says:

    hi bea what was your sister doing to the mear cat
    how did she git bit

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