Meerkat film

This morning, on the road to Dani’s trout farm near Machadodorp, Lisa edited this lovely little film from the footage we shot in the Karoo:

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  1. Anna Gregory says:

    that is so cool Bea! i want to be there! Guess what the basketball team just did? we won 28-4! At school i sit with Lucia, Reese, Jackson, James, and Bjorn. the only People who don’t talk are Lucia, Bjorn and I. right now in school we are doing this thing called discovery. this is when our table group aka the Black Bear colony, sails from England to Virginia and you can die if you don’t spend your money wisely. it is so fun ! oh! i almost forgot to tell you that my half birthday was on December 20th. in science we have Mr. Brant and we are learning a review of the water cycle except with more challenging words. i miss you so much and hope you have a bushel of fun! See you (not) soon!
    – Anna G.

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