Message from Mila to Team Griffin

Hi Everyone, Mila here. I am having a lot of fun in Africa. I can’t believe it’s only been 3 weeks because it feels like much longer. We’re seeing lots of cool animals. If you look in the videos and field guide you will see some of them. Today we found a chameleon on the road and when it went onto a plant on the side of the road it changed from bright green to dull green. It was amazing. We will add photos and a film of it soon.

Mila 🙂


  1. Team Griffin says:


    We have really enjoyed all your photos and drawings that you and your family have made. We are all sitting here together suggesting ideas to write to you. Ms. Griffin is doing the typing because we just started Type to Learn and barely can type yet! But we love it and some of us are even on Lesson 7.

    Everyone wants to know what you are doing and where you are at this very moment.

    Lawrence Hall of Science came yesterday and we saw geckos, turtle, chinchillas, guinnea pigs, hermit crabsand a crayfish. What we did not see was a chameleon change its colors. How exciting, we can’t wait to see the video.
    Bye for now!!! We will write again on Valentine’s Day.

    Team Griffin

  2. ralph says:

    Hi Team Griffin,
    Great to hear from you. Right now I am at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It is one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. I almost got bitten by a vervet monkey.
    The chameleon film is now on the blog but but you need to scroll down to see it.
    We have been camping nexto the Zambezi River with crocodiles and hippos below us and the hippos have been making noises all night. We saw impala, giraffe, zebras and warthogs but no lions yet. Tomorrow we are going to Botswana and I can’t wait to send pictures of lions and elephants to you.
    From Mila

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