Message to Team Griffin from Mila

Hi Team Griffin,
Great to hear from you. Right now I am at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It is one of the world’s biggest waterfalls. I almost got bitten by a vervet monkey.
The chameleon film is now on the blog but but you need to scroll down to see it.
We have been camping nexto the Zambezi River with crocodiles and hippos below us and the hippos have been making noises all night. We saw impala, giraffe, zebras, waterbuck and warthogs but no lions yet. Tomorrow we are going to Botswana and I can’t wait to send pictures of lions and elephants to you.
From Mila

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  1. Team Griffin says:


    What an incredible video of you and your family at Victoria Falls in Zambezi Park. It is so incredible to see you. Your hair has grown. We miss you and will log in again on Friday.

    P.S. We changed the desk arrangment in here. You sit next to Gigi, Ewan, and Maddie K.
    P.SS Sydney, Gigi, Ewan, Grace, Jack, Colby, Claire, Maddie B, and Jackie are in the science fair tonight.

    Team Griffin

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