On the road

We are heading back to Cape Town via Namibia. After our madly intense bush experiences over the last few weeks, we are all feeling like we’ve peaked, and also quite tired: tired of not sleeping, tired of driving along tough roads, tired of schlepping extra water and fuel and food just in case, tired of having to be constantly alert for lions after dark. We passed an airport and Mila said – I want to be on that plane.

We all got the feeling suddenly after Central Kalahari, and it feels amazing to be now traveling through totally new and different terrain in Namibia, heading south. It also feels good to have water available everywhere, fresh milk, roads without holes on them, roads made of tarmac…

After a night camping in the lovely Thakadu (aardvark) Lodge in Ghanzi, (except the girls played with dogs and and are today both covered in rashes, the irony is not lost), we had our first night in Namibia, 40km west of Windhoek in an idyllic campsite (right photo below).

Now we’re in Windhoek. Manic emails and then off to Daan Viljoen game reserve and tomorrow we’re heading due west for Swakopmund – we might even see the Atlantic Ocean. We last saw the sea exactly a month ago – the Indian Ocean off Mozambique.

p.s. First person to spot mistake in photo (left) below wins a lollipop!
Breaking news: Lollipop goes to Noonoo Lazar of Cape Town, South Africa.

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  1. Moly Melktert says:

    I immediately spotted the mistake in your picture and was thrilled to think that I would soon receive an authentic African lollipop. Imagine my dismay when I realized that one of your family members had already claimed the prize. (Shouldn’t family members be disqualified from participating in the contest?)
    PS – Your pictures, your music selection, your journey has been inspirational and awe-inspiring.

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