Raucous Tadpoles (Morrungulo)

Hi – three days later, the hurricane has been dancing around the indian Ocean, the tail may still hit us but will just be a bad storm not a cyclone. It suddenly feels like we are one small step ahead of nature’s force.….long may it last.

We are camping on a grassy African lawn, surrounded by palm trees, the view from our tent is of the warm Indian Ocean.

The girls spend hours playing with baby toads (I have just met Mila’s two latest, Nicky and Cass, living in a matchbox.) We identified the adult Raucous Toads in Barra, and again here at Morrungulo. These could only be…Raucous Tadpoles!

We spend the days doing, well I am not quite sure, pottering about, swimming, working a bit, washing, cooking, eating. Our ingredients are restricted to pasta, fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, lemon-pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar (two kinds!) and our dwindling supply of precious extras bought as we were leaving South Africa (coriander paste and a lemon that has lasted about 10 meals.)

Ralph wakes up very early and sets up his desk on the beach.

When it rained we set up a hairdresser under the awning:

We feel safe, as safe as you can feel in Africa, which mainly involves being away from any cars, cities and war. Besides the Macbook Pros, assortment of cameras and video recorders and about 500 adaptors and chargers, it’s a simple life!

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