Red road to Morrungulo

After a trip to the Inhambane market (amazing tomatoes!) and some comic attempts at fledgling Portuguese, we bought a mix CD unpromisingly named “Facebook” from a guy at the market and played it on the red earth road to Morrungulo. Absolutely amazing music, it reminded us of the Creole music we first heard in the Seychelles in 1999. We put up the volume and suddenly all felt bloody amazing!

My view from the front seat…

Ralph gets to look at me and Mila…

Here at Morrungulo, the sun is shining and by god the place is totally stunning. We hope to stay for a while… nothing to stop us except…the Category 5 cyclone heading straight here from Madagascar…yes really…

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  1. Rui says:

    Ralph, you’re a handsome guy!!

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