Rocks, Sand, Grass and Water (Orange River)

Hi Team Griffin,

Yes it was really great fun running down the dunes. It took us 2 hours to climb to the top and we had to wake up at 5 in the morning!!!!! Namibia has the highest sand dunes in the world.

We did a 2 day kayaking trip down the Orange river, the biggest River in South Africa. The river is the border between South Africa and Namibia. Sometimes it was narrow and we could almost swim between the two countries. We camped on a beach on the South African side as it was shadier, even though we hired the kayaks on the Namibian side! Luckily there were no South African soldiers there to catch us!

There were rocks, sand, grass and water. It was absolutely perfect. We didn’t even sleep in a tent, we just slept on the ground.

We saw baboons, Vervet monkeys and lots and lots of birds, including Fish Eagles and Goliath Herons.

We had to paddle through rapids and our boats were full of all our camping things. My dad tried to make a tent on the canoe for us but it didn’t work.

After the kayak trip we drove for 2 days and now we are back “home” in Cape Town with my grandparents. Like California, lots of people have swimming pools here. My grandparents have one. They also have two dogs, called Ping Pong and Bentley.

I am sad that the trip is over but happy because I will see you all soon. Next week I am going to London for 3 weeks. We are selling our Landrover.

I am looking forward to seeing my Miwok basket.

From Mila.

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  1. Team Griffin says:

    What!!, you are going to London for 3 weeks!!!! We are dyeing to see you, but I guess we can wait. We had Miwok Day today and we made rope out of tule for you. It is in your desk. We also saveda soapstone that you will file into a bear shape. We hope you and your family get back safely! We will continue to read the blog and comment because some of us have missed stuff when we were absent.

    We are suprised that you guys had to wake up so early and hike for 2 hours. The video was so beautiful and the music too. You and your family make such beautiful video and words. We are going to miss these updates.

    Team Griffin

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