School of Shongololo

Today Mila and I went searching for shongololos. Shongololos are a kind of large centipede. They are black with either red, orange or yellow legs. It’s pretty easy to find them, and before long, we each had a small ball of frightened shongololo.

I am now doing Wordly Wise. My shongololo is scrambling on my book. What a laugh!


  1. Amaya says:

    Hi Bea! how are you? all your friends miss you come back soon From amaya

  2. Reese says:

    Bea those are so wiggly

  3. Room 6 says:

    Hello Bea! The class just checked out your awesome website, and we all miss you so much! It is finally raining in California. It is really cold in the mornings too! We were wondering if you have seen any dangerous animals yet? Also, What is the scariest thing you have seen so far? Did you enjoy playing with the Meerkats? Hopefully we will hear from you soon! – Mrs. Acquistapace

    Red Team (Emily, Michael C., Felix, Lily, Michael K., and your empty desk) – Bea we have kidnapped your desk, and we all miss you!

    Orange Team (Izzy, Callen, Ming, Avery, and Dorje) – Your adventures sound cool, and we can’t wait to hear more about them!

    Black Team – (Lucia, Jackson, Anna, Bjorn, Reese, and James) – We can’t wait to hear about more of your adventures, and see you in April!

    Green Team – (Mia, Ollie, Jacy, Aliya, and Reilly) – We miss you, and we hope you’re having fun!

    Purple Team – (Aidan, Alyssa, Hani, Amaya, and Tris) – We all miss you, and we can’t wait to see you in April!

  4. Natalie Barnett says:

    I am soooo loving your blog, Lisa!!
    Btw a shongololo is a millipede (not centipede which has fewer legs and nasty bite)

  5. Ella says:

    Those shongololos are very leggy

  6. ralph says:

    Hi everyone!!!

    I’m sorry I replied so late. We haven’t had any internet for a couple of weeks.

    Today we saw a really cool chameleon on the road. The way it walks is hilarious!!!!!!!
    We are learning bits of Portuguese. It’s a lot like Spanish. It’s pretty easy.
    When Mila got bitten by the meerkat, we thought the meerkat (Flower) might have rabies. Don’t worry, it didn’t!
    Last night we stayed in a beautiful lodge. There was going to be a cyclone so all the staff got sent home. The two managers (Neville and Wendy) had four great dogs that we played with all day.
    We have videos of the last week on the blog.


  7. ralph says:

    hi Natalie just found out re. millipede/centipedes today – please keep being our Special Animal Adviser… I am occasionally busking it…

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