The other side of the mountain

For Friday night drove to Romi in Camps Bay, via Hout Bay. The suburbs are so GREEN. I remember the Southern Suburbs as newly planted.

In Camps Bay we went for a swim at Glen Beach at sunset. The water smelt of sewerage (apparently a 6 week old leak, not yet fixed) and was colder than Muizenberg (13*?) but not nearly as cold as 30 years ago. Romi says it really has gotten warmer over the decades. Where does data like that get stored, the true memory of a colder swim? Ralph dug a hole with/for Barcai as the posers posed all around us.

Driving back on the M3, we were nearing the turning to Steenberg Rd near Muizenberg, I was driving and tired, Ralph was sleeping so I was debating whether to turn the radio on. Just then a motorbike came speeding by, it was the fastest thing I’d ever seen on the road, maybe 160km/h. Then 2 more. They were death-defying, and not just their own lives. They could have killed me but they woke me up instead.

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