Where do I sign?

To get organised for buying a car, insuring it and having a carnet (car passport) we have had to secure three things:

1. SA bank account
2. SA ID card
3. SA drivers license.

Not necessarily in that order, not necessarily in any order, and not even necessarily all necessary to our plans. But there were several mobius-strip-type if-statements going on to get any one of the three, so we went into Turbo Admin Mode. Ralph (undiagnosed ADD) the engine, me (self-identifying Virgo) the navigator*.

The first and main challenge was for us to prove that we were South African residents, which we are not. However, all we needed, apparently, was a friendly friend who had a utility bill, to say we were staying at them.

We took it seriously, because we are Jews, and because we knew any slip up could mean knock-on delays of days or weeks. So we got a LOT of paperwork together (involving multiple appointments, queues and forgeries) and went with Lorne to the Kommetjie Police Station to get a stamped affidavit of our residency at his house. We were almost disappointed when I pushed our pre-completed form across the counter to the policeman, who glanced at it briefly and asked me: “Where do I sign?”

So of course this isn’t a good thing for the long term prospects of this beautiful and doomed country, but it was good for us.

* At one point I admitted “I love admin” which cost me several redeemable tokens but made Ralph feel like the luckiest man in the world.

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