Mi Mujer es Muy Violenta

Lisa: When Ralph was in Jiquilillo he would refer to me as his absent ‘mujer’ (pronounced: mu-clearthrout-er – nice). He got corrected by everyone – she’s your ‘eposa’ – spouse – a mujer conjuring visions of a screaming fishwife. Ralph loved sticking to mujer.

Yesterday when we were leaving Managua, the capital, we hailed a cab off the street. I got in front. Ralph and the girls got in the back but the taxi driver started moving off as Bea was still getting in. We all shouted versions of ‘No! Stop!’ but something deep in me made me also smack the guy. I just hit him as hard as I could, I felt like Robert de Niro. But it was actually the hit equivalent of a wet fart. My hand kind of sunk into his fleshy arm and got stuck there. He did stop the cab and we all burst out laughing, except the cabbie who looked, well, like he’d just been smacked by a wet fart. Ralph through tears of laughter said Mi mujer es muy violenta! and we all made friends.

Granada is a gorgeous colonial town (like a mini Seville) pero demasiado touristas para nosotros. Tambien mas caro compared to the north.

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