Bea’s Yesterday

Bea: Yesterday we biked along a road on Isla Ometepe. It was tiled and covered in sand. It was so hot my face went beetroot red and when we finally got to the ‘natural’ pool, Ocho de Agua, we found out it was more like a giant swimming pool with fresh water and tons of people, and fish. There was a rope swing which was pretty cool but Mila and I couldn’t reach it. Even though there were lots and lots of people it still had a magical feeling. There was a secret spot which no-one else was at and if you opened your eyes underwater it was bright blue which was really awesome, because from the top the water looked grey. Two people who we met in Jiquillilo and were travelling with – Angelina and Tom, pulled chairs into the pool, and we all floated.

Eating breakfast, counting pigs and walking 2km back from Zopilote Lodge to bed.

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