Dog days Ometepe

Lisa: The weather has been overcast adding to a feeling of heaviness as we head south on Lake Nicaragua, towards the Rio San Juan. We arrived by overnight ferry in San Carlos at 6am and get next ferry to Isla Solentiname at midday. It’s a traveling kind of heaviness we are all feeling and not unpleasant.

I have being reading three books all written in the mid/late 80’s, a radical time in Nica, in the balance between at last forging a democratic, autonomous, socially accountable future under the Sandinistas, whilst being attacked by opposing interests in the US.
The Jaguar’s Smile, Salmon Rushdie – his travels in Nica at that time, clear and sympathetic account
The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen. – Pre-Freedom but the human condition interminable!
London Fields, Martin Amis. – in the middle – god help me – I can see why I have been avoiding Martin Amis books all my life.
Crazy trio!

On Ometepe yesterday we walked a few kms, mostly glumly, followed by mangy dogs, to the consolation Finca Magdelena’s hammocks and incredible views. At least we know which direction to run if the volcano goes!

Rooms at Compestre, early morning rain.

We loved staying at Compestre. It suited our mood and made us feel part of the local island life, playing Yatzhee, chatting, playing, reading, dog-watching, eating curry.

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