At home in Pomene

We really wanted to return to Pomene. It’s 3 hours from Tofo, at the end of a long red dirt road. Pomene Lodge is the only place to stay, built on the end spit of beach sand by a river mouth on the Indian Ocean. It becomes an island for several days a month.

We camped in 2012 but the wind was blowing and we’d gotten used to a certain level of luxury in Tofo (beds! sinks!) AND the original Robinson Crusoe wooden house/beach shack at the furthest point – “The Glen” – was available. Ralph and I dream of building a house which is a horseshoe or L of rooms around an open courtyard, connected by an outside corridor. Now we have our prototype.

Back garden beach

Shell collecting is taken reasonably seriously by our family.

Every morning a group of local ladies strode in to sell us fresh fruit and vegetables.

The gracious and beautiful locals – George (manager since 2008) and the dolphins that jumped for Ralph and the girls on the way to a dive 13km out to sea (see video for how fast they swim).

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