6 days in Tofo.
We LOVE Mozambique – Indian Ocean meets Portugal meets Africa – food, people, beaches, snorkelling, diving,…off-the-chart happiness. After 4 dives, Bea and Mila have completed their Open Water diving certification. We saw manta rays, moray eels, turtles and the huge richness of sea-life. We could hear humpback whales underwater. Tofo is incredible.

Ralph and I decided to dive, for the first time in 18 years. I wasn’t sure whether I’d have the courage to do it.

And on the first dive, I jumped into the sea, took one look at the inky churning blackness below, felt the fear, and said, to no-one in particular, “I can’t go down” and started swimming back to the boat. But Moises, one of the dive masters, said, “Yes, you can. Just look at me, and follow me”. And I did. We did it!

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