Blood Hill, Namibia

Yesterday we drove to a beautiful mountain campsite called Blood Hill (BloedKoppie). This koppie is made of granite which is 10% mica, 30% quartz and 60% Feldspar.

We’re guessing that the reason it’s called Blood Hill is because the rocks are orangey red and at sunset everything has a sort of yellowy glow. We found an amazing cave that looked a bit like an open mouth. As the sun was setting the whole cave looked like it was made of gold because the sun was shining off the mica in the walls.

Our campsite was under the shade of a prickly camel thorn tree. We saw a kind of mountain chat that is only seen in Namibia, and pale winged starlings with bright orange eyes that pecked around at our spaghetti and mango.

We also saw a giant lizard that went inside one of our cooking pots but it didn’t really like mom’s cooking!

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  1. karen says:

    WOW oh wonderful wow!

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