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  1. James Baigrie says:

    “You guys rock! Enjoy Mama Africa! We just got home yesterday from an epic 4 weeks of waves, fish (4 grunter and 2 white stump hooked on prawn), snakes (2 meter Cape cobra), baboons and all sorts of other beautiful things. Yes, Ralph, I am completely messed up by the experience! Ready to sell everything and move back to Kaapstad…hectic existential shit, bru! Went up the mountain last night and sent you some good vibes from Marin. 2 owls flew over my head and I thought of you guys on your journey. Have fun! We will miss you! Remember to drink a beer and photograph yourself enjoying it for me in Xia-Xia. Hamba kahle. xxxxxxxxx”

  2. Cindy Newman says:

    So so jealous, that looks fantastic!!!

  3. The danster says:

    oh i l Love the video! and especially the music. and owl house is one of my favourite places in the world. and the athol fugard play turned movie is one of the most boring in the world! and definitely should not be on the girls’s curriculum! happy studies of the more important things in life xxxx

  4. ralph says:

    we got to page 10 of Road to Mecca and wilted with an extended metaphor about Helen being more than just a little like the Karoo landscape… Play was Saul’s recommendation BTW!!!

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