The middle of nowhere

After the Owl House, we headed for Ganora Farm to camp the night. The dust road there was lined with majestic sisal plants – and it poured heavy rain and hail all the way.

Bea and Mila ran outside to taste the rain, the sun came out and we swam in the small reservoir, the sun set and we went for a walk – all within an hour.

Hester, the owner of the gorgeous sheep farm, kindly let us camp on her land. We crossed a river three times, went up a small escarpment and camped on a ridge surrounded by open plain.

This morning Ralph set up his desk to do some work before it got too hot, and when it got too bright…

In the shade of the Landy, the girls and I started to read “The Road to Mecca” a play about the Owl House, written by Athol Fugard (one of South Africa’s most famous playwrights). It started excitedly as we took turns reading the parts, but things then faltered — the lines of authority are too blurred — my instinct to work out how to best teach as we go along, in response to the girls delight/dismay, is proving NOT VERY GOOD!


  1. Andy says:

    Sisal plants looks like something from Dr Seus.

  2. Mary West says:

    Wow! You’re DOING IT! Inspiring, and yes….here it comes…FUN! 🙂


  3. gretchen says:

    I sure hope Ralph was working on cards… ha. What an office! Hilarious.

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