Halfway through

Maybe it’s because we are nearly halfway through, Ralph has stopped checking whether we are ‘on schedule’ (as far as I know, he is quite stealthy) and I have stopped worrying about being ‘unproductive’. I know on the videos I am almost always on the laptop, but in fact I have hardly worked at all, maybe a few hours in the last month. I write the blog, and process photos, on the long car journeys, there would be very little blogging without these free hours.

Saying that, I love the photo below- a latter-day Snow White, eternally entombed in mozzie net in a cheap hotel room, in an apple-induced trance.

Emotionally, the glorious technicolour is a pretty true reflection of our states of mind. Aside from a slight melancholic day in Pomene, a few hours in the doldrums here and there, some minor irritations, and Ralph and my predictable ongoing existential-lite crises, we are all extremely happy and lovedup!

Right now we’re driving along, (big, pot-holed driving day to get near to Zim border) listening to the Mila music mix – singing really loud to Noah and the Whale (Mila is reaaaaally into them at the moment) Nikki Bluhm, Dawes and the Beatles.

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  1. Mary West says:

    Adore this photo of you.

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